A conical frustum has bases with radii of 9 and 12 and a height of 4. The total surface area of the frustum is A, in square units, and the volume of the frustum is V, in cubic units. Find A + V.

 Apr 19, 2022

Here is a start

This is a cross section of half the fulcrum with the chopped off cone sitting on top.

Find x using similar triangles.




Please do not answer in full max.  Let the guest do some of the thinking, they might learn that way :/

 Apr 19, 2022
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Okay! smiley

MaxWong  Apr 19, 2022

when you say full do you mean give them the answer when your done explaining it to them?

Kakashi  Apr 19, 2022

Thanks Max,

It is really great to have you back here again :)


Hi Kakashi,

I like people to interact with their answerers.

If the answerer gives a partial answer, it may be enough to get the asker thinking in the right direction.

That way, askers get help and still have to think thourgh at least some of the problem for themselves. 

They are more likely to learn that way. 

If they look at the answer, think about it for a while and still want more help they can ask for clarifications.

Or for more help.

That is how I encourage answerers to think.  

I want this to be a teaching/help site.

Not a cheat site.


Most times it is not really necessary to give the final answer. 

Melody  Apr 19, 2022

Thanks! I got it now!

 Apr 19, 2022

That is great :)

Melody  Apr 19, 2022

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