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A traffic helicopter is patrolling the air. The chopper is 630m above the highway. An accident is located at an angle of depression of 27 degrees from the chopper. How far along the highway is the accident?

 Jul 30, 2020

I'll help you with this question :)

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We know the chopper is 630 meters above the highway, and the angle of depression is 27 degrees. We want to find how far along the highway the accident is. 


Below is the diagram, where x is the length of the highway

We see that \(\tan(27^\circ) = \frac{630}{x}\)

Therefore, \(x=\frac{630}{\tan(27^\circ)}\).

Plugging this into a calculator gives us \(\approx1236.44\)

 Jul 30, 2020

thanks so much for the explanation :D

it helped a lot!

BaNaNaMiLk  Jul 30, 2020

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