A ladder leaning against a wall makes a 45-degree angle with the ground. The ladder has a horizontal distance from the wall of 7 feet. At what vertical height does the ladder touch the wall? Round your answer to the nearest Whole Number. (hint: draw a picture)

 Jan 22, 2022

By doing \(7 \over cos{45}\), we find the the hypotenuse of the triangle is 9.9 meters long, meaning that the ladder is 9.9 meters long.


By using the Pytahgorean's theroem, \(9.9^2=7^2+x^2\), we find that the vertical height is \(7\) meters

 Jan 22, 2022
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Melody is right –there is no need for trig. 


At 45° the elevation and run length are equal, so it’s seven feet.  (BTW, it is feet, not meters).


If you do want to use trig then the direct method is tan(45) * 7.  (No need for elaborate mating rituals, if you just want to say hello.)


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Guest Jan 23, 2022
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This isn't intended as a trig question.  

Draw the pic and you will see the answer fairly easily.  

 Jan 23, 2022

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