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At an ocean depth of 20 meters, a buoy bobs up and then down 2 meters from the ocean's depth.  Four seconds pass from the time the buoy is at its highest point to when it is at its lowest point. Assume at x = 0, the buoy is at normal ocean depth.

Use the sine tool to graph the function. The first point must be on the midline and the second point must be a maximum or minimum value on the graph closest to the first point.


Hello i need help on where to place the dots (sine) can you tell me or show me where to place them on the x and y axis? i do know the answer however it turns out weird when i try to graph it. i blieve the way im putting the dots on the graph is wrong but not the answer of the graph if that makes sense 

 Feb 5, 2019

I do not understand what the question is saying..... 

The bouy is at the surface isn't it? Why do we care about the ocean depth?   I don't get it.

 Feb 5, 2019

Ocean's depth describes the midline of the function is what we decided the last time this Q was posted.....    ~ EP

ElectricPavlov  Feb 5, 2019

I think this is the same question....



 Feb 5, 2019

Thanks, EP......I think either RainbowPanda or jennylove posted this before, but I couldn't find the question        



cool  cool cool

CPhill  Feb 5, 2019

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