(not sure if the image is going in correctly...) Well I use a calculator for many of my trigonometry problems, but it can be iffy and give answers that don't match the parameters or expected form its meant to be put in. Currently I'm going to assume this is correct and all really need to have some help in is understanding if I can show that big ol decimal there (5.65685424) in some smaller form? I'm just not sure the test would take it in as correct and considering the fact that I'm really not qualified for this at any rate I'd like some guidance in the matter.

 May 10, 2022

You are not meant to use a calculator at all.

You are meant to understand how to do it.

The number out the front is an approximation of a surd (since it is a surd it cannot be expressed as a rational number.)




\(cos(3 \pi)+isin(3\pi)=e^{3\pi i}\)

 May 10, 2022

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