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I am struggling to solve this question for my online trigonometry class. I find that you guys explain it in the most digestible way for me to learn. Any help from this is so greatly appreciated.

I'm working in a unit on Radian Measure and the Unit Circle.

The following picture is a screenshot of the question I am working with.

As stated earler, any help is appreciated! You guys are the best! Thank you and have a wonderful night!

 Oct 5, 2018

24 is impossible value of a sector in a unit circle,since the area of unit circle is pi*1^2=pi.

 Oct 5, 2018

Hi Fiora,

I think you have misunderstood.  I do not think this is intended as a unit circle question.


I think the radius is 24 and the area of the sector is 24pi   units^2



\(Area = \frac{degrees \;of\;arc}{360}\times \pi r^2\\ 24\pi = \frac{degrees \;of\;arc}{360}\times \pi *24^2\\ 1 = \frac{degrees \;of\;arc}{360}\times 24\\ 1 = \frac{degrees \;of\;arc}{15}\\ degrees \;of\;arc =15\) 

 Oct 5, 2018

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