2. Determine the value of theta, to the nearest degree.


3. A kite is on a 25 m string.  The kite is directly above a bran that is 18 m away from the person holding the kite string. What angles does the string make with the ground?


4. A construction compnay is building an overpass.  The length of the ramp leading to the overpass is 300 m, and the overpass is 10 m above the ground below.  Determine the angle of elevation of the ramp.


 Mar 12, 2021

3. Consider a right angled triangle ABC, 

Let AC (length of string from ground) = 25 m                    ...[AC is hypotenuse]

      BC (person to barn distance) = 18 m 


cos∠ACB = 18/25

                = 0.72

      ∠ACB = 43.95º 


Thus, the string makes 43.95º with the ground.

 Mar 12, 2021
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