The fireman is 1.8 meters tall and the length of his shadow is 3 meters. If the length of the buildings shadow is 26.4 meters calculate the height of the building and the angle of elevation to the sun?

Trigonometry  Feb 11, 2017

The height of the building over the height of the man equals the length of the building's shadow over the length of the man's shadow.


h/1.8 = 26.4/3


h = 15.84


The height of the building is 15.84 meters.


The tangent of the angle of elevation to the sun is 15.84/26.4


tan a = 15.84/26.4

a = arctan 0.6


The angle of elevation to the sun is approximately 30.964 degrees.

hectictar  Feb 11, 2017

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CPhill  Feb 11, 2017

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