Hello everyone, I just have two Earth Science questions that I'm stuck on and I need help. If you can help me, I'd appreciate it. Also, I have answers to these questions, I just would like to make sure that I am correct and accurate. I need to get these right so that my grade, (B+) can go to an A. Thanks! :)


1. What happens when you see an unconformity in a stratigraphic section?


Options--> There is always erosion, There is time missing in the section you are looking at, It means nothing has changed since the rock layers have been there, or It is only evident in metamorphic rocks?


My answer: There is always erosion.


2. A scientist is interested in comparing the age of a rock with other rocks. What is the scientist determining by doing this?

(I assume there are two possible answers for this one, but only one is correct)


Options--> The relative age of the rock, The date the rock was formed, The absolute age of the rock, or The level of radioactive isotope decay in the rock


(Possible answers: Choice 1 & 4)

(my answer that I think answers the question the most: Choice 4; The level of radioactive isotope decay in the rock).

 Nov 12, 2017

Nevermind everyone, I figured out the answer for #1, and I asked my teacher for help on #2. I got them both right! Thanks anyway, this site is awesome! :)

 Nov 12, 2017

Glad you got them figured out!! Good luck getting that  "A" !!  smileylaugh  💯

 Nov 12, 2017

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