The town of Serenity Valley has a population of 43,433. If it grows at a rate of 6.9% for 49 years what will the population be? (answer to the nearest whole number)


Richard's furniture store bought a couch and marked the price up 33%. At a 17% off sale the couch sold for $2,326. How much did Richard pay for the couch originally? (two decimal places)

Guest Jul 9, 2018

Future Population =FP

Present Population=PP


FP =PP x [1 + R]^N

FP =43,433 x [1 + 0.069]^49

FP =43,433 x     1.069^49

FP =43,433 x      26.2970816751.....

FP =1,142,161 - the future population of the town after 49 years.

Guest Jul 9, 2018

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