The price of the latest incredible iThing from Apple starts at $200 when it is first released. Every year it gets better but the price goes up 8%. What is the price after 20 years?


A swimming pool is 50 feet by 150 feet. It is surrounded by a three foot wide deck. Find the area of the deck in square feet.

Guest Jun 27, 2018

The price goes up 8% a year so thats 0.08. The original price is $200.




The price will be about $932. (incredible iThing answer)




Find the whole area of the swimming pool plus the deck and then subtract the area of the swimming pool.




8109-(50)(150)=609 ft^2 (Answer for pool deck area)

xXxTenTacion  Jun 27, 2018

No, that is NOT right!!

Remember you have 3 feet + 3 feet =6 Feet + width x 6 feet + Length

[156 x 56] - [150 x 50] =1,236 ft^2 - area of the deck!!.

Guest Jun 27, 2018

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