Is it possible for an undefined number such a 2/0 to become defined, like if someone where to take the time to do it? Or is that something that is always going to be a "mystery"? Or would 0 be able to go into to an infinite amount of times because 0 is the absence of any number, or would 0 be considered no existant, and therefor will never be defined?

Guest Jul 21, 2017

Here's some thoughts on it...


Let's define it as "n".


2/0  =  n           Multiply both sides by  0   .

2  =  0n


So...what is  n ? Any number times  0  is equal to 0 .

So, there is no possible number for  n  that makes the equation true.


But...what about  0/0   ?

Let's say...


0/0  =  x           Multiply both sides by  0  .

0  =  0x


Now we can see that any number for  x  makes this equation true.

So x is undefined, because it can be any number.

hectictar  Jul 22, 2017

Very nice Hectictar :)

Melody  Jul 22, 2017

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