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if you can explain, i am confused. thank you



Also confused on this one ,

 Mar 6, 2019
edited by jjennylove  Mar 6, 2019

First one

Relative max is the y value where the graph is "higher" than at any other y value in the "neighborhood"

Relative min is the y value  where the graph is "lower" than at any other y value in the "neighborhood"


So....considering the "neighborhood" to be  the  interval on x  of  [1,5]


The relative min in this neighborhood is   -14

And the relative max is  -3


Does that make sense, Jenny??



Second one


First statement.....the y intercept of f(x)  = 15.....the y intercept of g(x) = 20(.1.5)^0 = 20 * 1 = 20

So this statement is true


Second statement - I cannot tell whether this is true or not ???...I don't know what the function f(x) is...


Third statement - This is true....both functons are increasing on (-inf, inf)


Last statement -  these are known as exponential functions.......they are always positive...so....this  statement is false



cool cool cool

 Mar 6, 2019

Yes the first one makes sense, I see where I made my mistake,


However for the second one I am confused if maybe option 2 is correct or incorrect

jjennylove  Mar 6, 2019

I don't know either, Jenny....I don't know what f(x) is....so...I can't tell what  values it takes on at x = -5 and -3


Maybe someone else knows the definitive answer for this one


cool cool cool

CPhill  Mar 6, 2019

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