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A crane has a cable with a breaking strain of 6400kg measured to 2 significant figures.


It is used to lift crates which weigh 90kg measured to the nearest 10kg.


What is the greatest number of crates that can safely be lifted at one time without breaking the cable?



 Apr 11, 2018
edited by qualitystreet  Apr 11, 2018

Since the crates are 90 kg measured to the NEAREST 10kg ...I believe to be safe you have to assume that ALL of them can weigh

 94.999...  each.


Forgot the cable part....edited:

Since cable is rated at 6400 to two significant digits......it MIGHT only support   6350 kg   (or as much as 6449.99)


For safety you will have to assume the crates are 94.99 kg each and the cable will only support 6350 kg


Then    6350/94.99 = 66.85 ~~ 66 crates max

 Apr 11, 2018
edited by ElectricPavlov  Apr 14, 2018

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