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I'm a bit confused with this math question. I just can't seem to get it, I would appreciate if any of you could help me out :)


A group of yeast cells doubles every 4 h. There is a population of 100 at 10 a.m. Write the function that models the growth of the population. Determine the population at 5 p.m.

Julius Apr 18, 2017

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P  = Po * 2^(n / 4)    


Where Po is the original population and P is the final population after n hours


So  our function is


P  = 100 * 2^(n /4)     and n  =   7   hours after 10AM  = 5PM




P = 100* 2^(7/4)   ≈  336



cool cool cool

CPhill Apr 18, 2017

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