Kim uses the Fermi process to estimate the number of buckets of rocks she could store in a warehouse. The buckets are shaped like cylinders. The warehouse is shaped like a rectangular prism.

She estimates the buckets have a height of 25 inches and a diameter of 10 inches.

She estimates the warehouse is 100 feet long, 50 feet wide, and 20 feet high.

Which expression should Kim use in the process?

 Nov 28, 2017

Not sure what the Fermi Process is...but  here is an approach :


We will have some  empty space around each bucket....each bucket would occupy a prism with a volume of  [10 *10 * 25 ]  = 2500 in^3


The height of each bucket is 25 in   and the height of the warehouse is 240 in


So......20*12 / 25  ≈  9 buckets could be stacked

And in one row,  50*12/10  =  60 buckets   could be accomodated

And the number of rows is 120*12/10  =  120


So....the approximate number of buckets that the warehouse could hold is


9 * 60 * 120    =  64800 buckets



cool cool cool

 Nov 28, 2017

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