Which description is correct for the polynomial -5x2 - 3x + 3


a. quartic binomial

b. cubic binomial

c. quadratic trinomial

d. quadratic binomial 


Which description is correct for the polynomial -5x- 4x + 1


a. quadratic trinomial

b. cubic binomial

c. cubic monomial 

d. cubic trinomial 

Guest Jan 29, 2018

Quadratic Trinomial  =  3 terms with highest power exponent  =  2


Cubic Trinomial  =  3 terms  with highest power exponent = 3




cool cool cool

CPhill  Jan 29, 2018

Quadratic Trinomial  Since degree is 2 

Cubic Trinomial   since degree is 3


since the type of polynomail stresses upon the highest exponent or degree of the polynomial . This all determines the nature of polynomial

kes1968  Jan 29, 2018

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