The shaded area of the figure may be found by subtracting the area of the unshaded portion from the total area of the figure. Use this approach to find the area of the shaded region. Use 3.14 as an approximation for

piπ. Two equally sized circles lie inside a larger circle such that they are tangent to each other at the center of the larger circle and tangent to the left and right-most edges of the larger circle. The radius of one of the smaller circles has length 10 centimeters.

10 cm

​(two circles within a​ circle)

The area of the shaded region is ______


ladiikeiii  Nov 29, 2017

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The radius of the larger circle is  20 cm


So  it's area  is   pi (20)^2  =  400pi cm^2      (1)


The area of both of the smaller circles is


2 * pi (10)^2  =  200 pi cm^2    (2)


So  the shaded area  is  (1)  - (2)  =


[ 400 - 200 ] pi  cm^2    =


200 pi   cm^2  =


200 * (3.14) cm^2 =


628 cm^2



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CPhill  Nov 29, 2017

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