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The perpendicular bisector of the line segment connecting the points (-3,8) and (-5,4) has an equation of the form y=mx+b. Find m+b.

 Jul 2, 2020

1)  Find the midpoint of the two points.

2)  Find the slope of the line that connects those two points.

3)  Find the negative reciprocal of the slope of step 2). This will be the slope of the perpendicular bisector.

4)  Use the point-slope form for the equation of the line (the perpendicular bisector).

     Use the answer to step 1) for the point.

     Use the answer to step 2) for the slope.

5)  Rewrite the equation of step 4) into y = mx + b form.

6)  From step 5), pick out the value of m and the value of b.

7)  Add the two values of step 6) together to get the answer.

 Jul 2, 2020

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