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In the above-linked question, I told you I had got to part C. I meant up until part B, but then I made a situational approximation. I graphed \(x^y = y^x\)

and x log base y = y log base x, and I estimated the interception point to be (e,e) to a measure of precision at least 1/10,000. I

did not give you this piece of information before, to see if there was another method to obtain my answer. Could everyone please redo parts D-F for me, so I can understand why the intersection point might be (e,e)? Thanks!

helperid1839321  Aug 25, 2017


Yes, the curve-ish passes through (2,4) and (4,2). The reason I say curve-ish is that the curve-ish part does not pass through \((2\sqrt{2}, 2\sqrt{2})\)

even though it looks like it does. That bad assumption is my own fault.

helperid1839321  Aug 25, 2017
edited by helperid1839321  Aug 25, 2017

The layout of Heureka’s presentation is very clear. He enumerated the formula and its details to at least two prerequisite requirements.    

You’ve had two months to study this and said nothing until now; so, you should blôôdy well do it yourself and present it on here for evaluation, if you are unsure of your work. 

GingerAle  Aug 25, 2017

I rather like this question coming back up again.

I want to spend more time on questions like this.

Thanks again Heureka :)


Still Ginger has got a point, helperid, about you presenting you own answer or partial answer...

Melody  Aug 25, 2017

That was a mistake, but I wanted to see how you guys would have gotten there. Sorry again! :(

helperid1839321  Aug 26, 2017

It is a lot easier to teach someone to waltz when he’s on the dance floor. Present your work and you will learn to step in ¾ time much more quickly.

GingerAle  Aug 26, 2017

Yeah! How are you gonna do it if you really don't know the dance...by standing on the wall?  Get your back up off the wall ! smileylaugh

hectictar  Aug 26, 2017

Sorry to be rude, but can someone, please answer?


I know I made a mistake not showing you the first time, but I wanted to see if anyone else got my answer. I had 2 different answers, so I reposted this with my answer to see if it made more sense. Again, it was my fault for not posting the data I got the first time.

helperid1839321  Aug 30, 2017
edited by helperid1839321  Aug 30, 2017

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