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Okay, guys, can we please not focus on what I should have done and instead focus on answering my question? Thanks!

 Oct 9, 2017

I will not answer your question, however i will give you questions that can help you with solving part C of your question:

1. Derivate the function\(f(x)=\sqrt[x]{x}={x}^{\frac{1}{x}}\)

2. When does the derivative equal 0? What is the function's maximum and minimum values? (The function doesn't necessarily have maximum values or mininum values!)

3. Where is the function defined? What is the function's image when x is between 0 and 1?

What about when x is greater than 1?


Good luck!

If you need help just ask for it

~blarney master~

 Oct 17, 2017
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You have got to be kidding!

 Do you really expect Helperid to take your useless blarney and do anything with it? It doesn’t even make good fertilizer.  


Heureka gave helperid two bunches of fine bananas. Helperid is too lazy to peel them.


If he does decide to do anything –like posting an attempt at a solution, he needs to hurry, this post will auto-lock in less than 48 hours.

GingerAle  Oct 17, 2017

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