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I think it is really interesting.  It looks much more difficult than it really needs to be. 

I know we have some very enthusiastic young people who are active on the forum at present.

Maybe you would like to take a look.

Try do do it yourself before you look at the answers. 

You may need to think about it for a while befor the light in your brain comes on. 


If you want to discuss it or ask about anwers already provided feel free to do so on the original thread.

I will unlokc it.


Maybe leave a note here to say that you have done so.  Just in case your comment is not noticed.


 Feb 1, 2022

Hello! I managed to do it but my method was very messy. It involved some calculus, mostly geometry, but since im not that good at math, my page looked like a 3 year old had scribbled on it for 5 years after i got 6 as my answer!

 Nov 29, 2022

Hi Imcool,

It is great that you had a go at it.  And 6 was the answer  :))


Did you look at the answer that I provided on the original question?

Melody  Nov 29, 2022

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