Guys! If someone posts an off topic question, do not make a fuss about it!!! I was making a picure and i shared it on web2.0calc and then people just start making a fuss about it. https://web2.0calc.com/questions/ase-kdfghm

if you do not want to look at it then just ignore it! You do not need a fuss! Nobody likes a fight!      plaese and thank you               I AM NOT PUTTING OFF TOPIC BECAUSE I HAVE ANOTHER QUESTION FOR MELODY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Dear Melody     how do you download the app? could you give me he link pls?

AsadRehman  Oct 28, 2017

Hi Asad,

I  do not think you can download web2.0... You have to use it when you are online.

Melody  Oct 29, 2017

I actually thought your recent off-topic post was cool...


Gh0sty15  Oct 29, 2017

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