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ok i just want to convince some guests to make accounts.


1. completely free and painless

2. you can get points (that was why i signed up)

3. if you get enough, you get on the leaderboard

4. you can post attachments

5. you can have a cool avatar, or just an avatar like mine, not the boring unknown grey face

6. you can HAVE MORE FUN!!!!



 Jan 19, 2019

if you have anything else to add, pls add it!

 Jan 19, 2019

also, it is a secure website (i can see it in my browser) so you dont need to worry about giving away your email and stuff.

 Jan 19, 2019


 Jan 19, 2019

You can chat to people in the message centre which is really good.


I discourage people from giving private contact info.  

Like in all environments, you need to be safety conscious.



For people who are seriously using this site to learn it is much better to be a member because we get to know you and we can help you more effectively laugh

 Jan 20, 2019

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