Welcome to web2.0calc!    This post will tell you what to do in the forum :



To log in, click login in the corner of the screen.If you have trouble logging in, you could email britnex@gmail.com.The user is Andre Massow  that is the contact email in web2.0calc.So If you need help you can go ahead go to MESSAGE CENTER and msg. the moderators.The moderators are Melody,CPhill.If you accidently post somthing that is non-good, you could now edit it or delete it.If somthing that is not supposed to happen happens, you must tell one of the moderators. Your information (passwords ect.)are private in this version.The users go bold if they are online.For more info. you may ask about todays message,you may Message me on MESSAGE CENTER.






 Aug 10, 2017
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