So I had the correct answer to this question, and now I'm redoing it 10 minutes later and can't seem to get it correct even after using the equation in the textbook :S



\(m= 180 kg \)


\({\mu}_{0} = 0.17 \)

\(a = {0.0062m}^{-2}\)




The textbook gives the answer of 6kJ but it rounds

The answer I got originally was something like 5997 i think.... now I get 6644.4


thanks for your help.

vest4R  Apr 17, 2017
edited by vest4R  Apr 17, 2017

I get the following:



Note that you need x2 in metres and that 6644 J = 6.644 kJ.

Alan  Apr 17, 2017

thanks alan for reinforcing that. It's frustrating when the textbook rounds down so far, or maybe it's an error. Either way, thank you.

vest4R  Apr 17, 2017

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