What is 10.3896029812186073 in fraction form??????????

Guest Jun 16, 2017

So, the way I lile to answer these is starting with a mixed fraction, with the non-decimal digits, plus the decimal part as the numerator of the fraction. The numerator will be a 1 followed by 0, the number times equal to the digits in the numberator, then you can bring up the non-decimil digits, and simplify. For example:


\(3.625 = 3+\frac{625}{1000} = \frac{(3\cdot 1000)+625}{1000}=\frac{3625}{1000}=\frac{73}{200}\)


Your example is a little harder, but the algorithim still works :P


\(10.3896029812186073\\ =10+\frac{3896029812186073}{10000000000000000}\\ =\frac{(100\cdot10000000000000000)+3896029812186073}{10000000000000000}\\ =\frac{1003896029812186073}{10000000000000000}\)


Hope this helps lol


Guest Jun 17, 2017

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