What is 10+6d?

Don't you just add the numbers and then put the "d" at the end of the answer?

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What is 10+6d?

To begin, you have to realize that d is a variable. This means d can be any number.

In this equation, d is multiplied by 6. So you must think about order of operations.

If you have 2 numbers multiplied by each other, you have to find their product before you can add any other numbers.

Ex- d=4

If d equals 4, you plug in anywhere there is a d.


Notice my use of parenthesis. If the number were negative, you would want to make sure the negative is inside the parenthesis.





A good way to remember order of operations is PEMDAS.

Some people use PEMDAS as the acronym Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally (Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction) in that order. For example, you would have to do parenthesis before exponents, or multiplication before addition.


Hope this explanation helps!

AdamTaurus  Oct 2, 2017

no you have to combine like terms if the numbers are not like terms then that is the anwser 10+6d

maximumride14  Oct 2, 2017

you do 10 + 6

then you add the d on the end

so it would be 


Blowyourmind123  Oct 2, 2017

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