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What is fun?

 Apr 21, 2015

fun is anything you do that makes you happy. well, i dont think that's a question that's more dangerours. the most dangerous question is: what is love?

 Apr 21, 2015

Love ussually originates from physical atraction(cute!) or a pre-exsisting bond of trust or close friendship between individuals. It is a mixter of chemicals in the brain along with social interaction and many believe a bond between souls. there are different degrees of love, ranging fromcrush to id die for u status, which some people do. Love is a beutiful and fragile thing that cannot be fully explained despite numerous efforts to do so in the history of world literature. Shakespere did a d**n good job of of it though. Im only speaking of agape love as the greeks called it. There are 3 other forms but im feeling to lazy to google them. this here is just what i learned at the school of hard knocks

 Apr 22, 2015

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