25= 5+10+5n What is n?

 Jan 16, 2019

Hint: Try to group like terms. +5 and +10 change negative. 

 Jan 16, 2019
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Thanks Tertre, that is a good response.


I would word it just a little differently.  I'd say

If you change one side you must do the SAME to the other side  




Here is a full answer from me:        (of course I know people do not have time to give full answers very often)


I will do another similar question and then you can try your own one:




First you must simplify both sides - if it is possible. 

that gives

18= 8 +2t

you can swap sides if you want to




Now you must keep the equation balanced. Just like old fasioned see-saw style scales.

I used a t but the picture uses an x, it makes no difference. 





If you change one side you must do the SAME to the other side


You want the 2 lots of t all by itself so you must get rid of 8 on the right hand side.

You can do this by subtracting 8 from BOTH sides.







Now if you divide 2t by 2 you get t on its own BUT if you divide the LHS by 2 you must also divide the RHS by 2

A fraction line is the same as a divide.


\(\frac{2t}{2}=\frac{10}{2}\\ t=5\)





Now try your question and let us know how you go.  We can check your answer for you if you want.   laugh

 Jan 16, 2019
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