what is square root of 45 and how to do it?

Guest Aug 25, 2017

A square root of something means that the square of the result would become the original number.

No rational number is squared to become 45. Probably the closest is 7, because 7^2=49.

The square root of 45 would be represented as √45. It's not a perfect square.

Of course, you could  plug √45 into a calculator.

But the decimal places would go on forever.

Here's what I got when I put √45 into this website's calculator:


It looks like the decimal places end, but the decimal places go on forever. The calculator rounded it.

These numbers are called irrational numbers.

They can't be expressed as a fraction.


Gh0sty15  Aug 25, 2017


Thanks, Gh0sty!!


If we just wanted to simplify  √45,  we  have


√45  =  √ [9 * 5 ] = √9 *√5  =   3√5



cool cool cool

CPhill  Aug 25, 2017

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