what is the additive inverse of -(x^2+4x)+8

Guest Oct 15, 2017

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In order to find the additive inverse, you must know what additive inverse means. The additive inverse is a number or expression. The sum of the additive inverse and the original number always yields zero. Knowing this, we can make the equation below.


\(-(x^2+4x)+8+a=0\) a is the variable that represents the additive inverse. Now, solve for a. You can add the quantity of the sum of the the square of x and 4.
\(8+a=x^2+4x\) Subtract 8 from both sides.
\(a=x^2+4x-8\) Now that I have solved for a, I have found the additive inverse.
TheXSquaredFactor  Oct 15, 2017

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