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What is the coefficient of \(a^2b^2\)in \((a+b)^4\left(c+\dfrac{1}{c}\right)^6\)?

 Aug 26, 2017


Let's  look  at the expansion of the second term, first


Note that, by the binomial expansion, the fourth term of this expansion will be :


20 c^3 (1/c)^3   =  20


And note that every other term in this expansion either contains  "c"  or "1/c" - or both - to some power(s)


And in the expansion of (a + b)^4  , the  a^2b^2   term will be the third term....and its coefficient  will be 6


So.....the a^2b^2  term  in the product of both expansions will be  20 * 6   = 120



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 Aug 26, 2017
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