What is the Fibonacci Sequence? I'm confused.

Guest Feb 27, 2017

The fibbonaci sequence is a sequence of numbers were you add the previous number to the number before it to get the next number in the sequence. For example the sequence starts as: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21...


1+1 = 2

2+1 = 3

2+3 = 5

3+5 = 8

5+8 = 13

8+13 = 21


and so on and so forth

Guest Feb 27, 2017

a series of numbers in which each number ( Fibonacci number ) is the sum of the two preceding numbers. The simplest is the series 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, etc.


it is also used in the golden ratio (when can be easily googled)

brkr19  Feb 27, 2017

The Fibonacci sequence is a set of numbers in which each number is found by adding the two numbers before it. It starts with 0,1 then uses the addition rule. The third number will be the sum of the first two numbers, 1+0=1, giving us a sequence of 0,1,1 now the fourth number can be found by adding the second and third number, 1+1 = 2. so we have 0,1,1,2 you can extend this out forever to get the full Fibonacci sequence.

A video on the topic by numberphile can be found here;

SirReginald  Feb 27, 2017

What is the Fibonacci Sequence?




heureka  Feb 28, 2017

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