What is the formula for an arithmetic series? Geometric series? Arithmetic sequence? Geometric series?

 Mar 23, 2018

What do you mean by formula, the sum? finding the nth term?

 Mar 23, 2018

Here they are anyways:


Finding the nth term: A= A+ d * (n - 1)  


Sn = (n/2)*(A+ An)


d is the common difference, An is the nth term, A1 is the first term.

 Mar 23, 2018

For geometric series, there are many difference formulas to find the sum. 


For infinite geometric series, those that don't have an end, (A1)/(n-1)


For those that do have an end, S= [A1(1-rn)]/(1-r)


r is the common ratio, Ais the first term and n is the nth term. 


To find the nth term: 


An = ARn-1

 Mar 23, 2018

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