What is the measure of angle D?

Round only your final answer to the nearest hundreth.

A guy wire supports a cellphone tower. The guy wire makes a 55dg angle with the ground and touches the ground 34ft from the base of the tower. What is the length of the guy wire, rounded to the nearest feet?

Options: 20ft, 28ft, 49ft, 59ft. 

Guest Mar 25, 2017

We can use the tangent inverse......


arctan ( 25 / 45)  = D  ≈   29.05°





We can use the cosine...


cos (55°)  =  34 / L        where L is the length of the guy wire


Rearrange as


L  = 34 / cos (55°)  ≈  59.2 ft   = 59 ft




cool cool cool

CPhill  Mar 25, 2017

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