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What is the value of tan(π+x)?

 Mar 4, 2018

Seriously Sam....you have posted 14 questions...have you TRIED to answer ANY of them?  Or are you just wanting answers to your homework?   Why don't you TRY to answer some and see what you get?  THEN ask a question !



This one:


tan x =  sin x /cos x       cos and sin   at  pi + x  are just the negative of  cos (x) and sin (x) 

tan (pi +x)  =  sin (pi +x) / cos(pi + x) =   -sin(x) /  -cos(x)  = sin(x)/ cos(x)  = 2/5




I'll answer more of your questions after I see your attempts at answers.....Have a good night !        cheeky

 Mar 4, 2018

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