\({5x-2\over x+3} = 5 - {17 \over x+3}\)

Guest Feb 12, 2018

\({5x-2\over x+3} = 5 - {17 \over x+3}~\\ \qquad 5(x+3)=5x+15\\ LHS\\={5x-2\over x+3}\\={5(x+3)-15-2\over x+3}\\={5(x+3)-17\over x+3}\\= {5(x+3)\over x+3}-{17\over x+3}\\= 5-{17\over x+3}\ \)


This is not really what you were expected to do though.

You were expected to do algebraic division or synthetic division


This is an example of what you were supposed to do :)



Melody  Feb 12, 2018

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