What is true about every rotation?

The image is smaller than the pre-image.

The image and pre-image are congruent.

The image is larger than the pre-image.

The image overlaps the pre-image.

 Sep 3, 2020

Hello, we are given 4 facts, all of which we know must be true. 



Part 1: The image is smaller than the pre image. This tells us that we are decreasing the size as we rotate.

Part 2: Cannot be true if the first one is true. 

Part 3: This indicates that the image is rather being increased in size.

Part 4: Must be true if part 3 and 2 are true. 


This means that 1 is the only one that can be true. Please correct me if I am misunderstanding this question.

 Sep 3, 2020

Hi Narcirema,

You have misunderstood the question.


Three of the choices are wrong.

Only one is true every time.  

Which one is it.


If the asker knows what a rotation is, and understands what congruent means, then they can answer themselves.


eg. Think about the hand of a clock as it rotates.  

Which of those statements are nonsense and which must be true all the time?

Melody  Sep 3, 2020

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