I have an unlimited supply of standard 6-sided dice. What's the fewest number of dice that I have to simultaneously roll to be at least 90% likely to roll at least one 6?

You may use a calculator to help you with the computations if you like -- in fact you'll almost certainly want to -- but your final answer should be a positive integer.

Mr.Owl  Nov 13, 2017

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This is the same as asking....What are the fewest number of dice that you must roll simultaneously to be at least 10% likely to roll no 6's ??? 


So we have


(5/6)^N  =  .10   take the log of both sides


N* log (5/6)  = log (.10)     divide both sides by log (5/6)


N = log (.10) / log (5/6) ≈  12.6  ⇒  13 dice


cool cool cool

CPhill  Nov 13, 2017

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