What would this number be in words? It's my Amazon tracking number mixed up a little bit but I'm just wondering what it would be 


 Jul 10, 2021

420 553 449 300 120 207 600 526 505 845


With long lumbers like this you would never given them a name, I mean not like you are referring to.


Anyone who actually deals with large numbers like this would refer to it as


4.20553449300120207600526505845 * 10^29


This is written in scientific notation [which can also be referred to as standard form (edited, form is the right word, thanks Why)  if you are in the UK.]


Scientific notation is the better name though as it will be understood throughout the English speaking world.

 Jul 10, 2021
edited by Melody  Jul 10, 2021

(Sorry if I ended up posting this twice, my chromebook glitched)


I ran the numbers, and got


four hundred twenty octillion five hundred fifty-three septillion four hundred forty-nine sextillion three hundred quintillion one hundred twenty quadrillion two hundred seven trillion six hundred billion five hundred twenty-six million five hundred five thousand eight hundred forty-five


PLEASE DONT EVER USE THIS EXPANSION, NOBODY WILL UNDERSTAND YOU (instead use scientific notation, or even standard form).


I'm pretty sure it uses the short scale of numbers, as opposed to the long scale.



 Jul 10, 2021

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