Where is y= -x + 1 on a graph?

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 Sep 26, 2019

See here :




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 Sep 26, 2019

Yes!! CPhill is correct smiley

but you should also know the method behind finding where this line is on a graph. 

As you can see, the equation is in slope intercept form 

and a slope intercept form looks like this...

where you let \(m= slope\)



so in your equation you have the y intercept of (0,1), and to find the y intercept what you need to do is let x=0 and solve for y or if they give you a graph look at the point that is located just on the y axis, or if they give you an equation (which appears to be what you have here) you need to know the formula for slope intercept, so you locate the b and that is where that (0,1) comes from. 

and to find your slope,,,you need to know find the change in y over the change in x to get your slope so you need to have at least two points to do this but in this case they already give you the slope and its a negative slope!! so you start off at your y-intercept and you move one step down the y axis (because its negative) and move one step to the right (because its positive). and you continute this pattern. You can also refer to this as finding the rise over run. and in this case your rise is going down because like i said, its negative and the run is one step to the right because your slope is -1/1 

now, this -1/1 even though they just give you -x is the -1 that is right next to the x. They don't neccessarily need to write down -1/1 x because -x technically represents that because you know that you only have ONE x 

I hope this somehow helped you!! 


 Sep 26, 2019

If he is taking the pre-algebra course, which I am assuming he does. His teachers should've taught him this before they gave this homework.

CalculatorUser  Sep 27, 2019

well man, sometimes in class some people don't really understand things or their teacher isn't the best 

Nirvana  Sep 27, 2019

Yes I agree, i realized the tone of my reply sounded wrong. Oops, I didn't mean to accuse him of anything. 

CalculatorUser  Sep 28, 2019

it's all good CU! :) 

Nirvana  Sep 28, 2019

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