Which graph represents the polynomial function?


SamJones  Mar 1, 2018

with x =0, you know y=100

so only the bottom two have a point 0,100

then it is trial and error. 

plug in 2 for x and 0 for y, 

if that works then it is the bottom left one.

if not then it is the other one,

you could check the bottom right with -2,0 or 5,0 as well

but 5,0 is an assumption since the 5 isnt labled.

so i would do this

0=(2)^4 - 6(2)^3 - 11(2)^2 +60(2)+100

Guest Mar 1, 2018

If x  =  0...then y = 100


Thus....one of the two bottom graphs must be correct


Notice in the bottom left graph that 2 appears to be a root.....testing this in the polynomial should produce a result of 0


y=2^4−6(2)^3−11(2)^2+60(2)+100   =  144


So...the bottom right graph is correct



cool cool cool

CPhill  Mar 1, 2018

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