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Which quadratic function best fits this data?

A. y=11.41x2+ 154.42x +143.9

B. y=−11.41x2+ 154.42x −143.9

C. y=−11.41x2+ 154.42x +143.9

D. y=11.41x2+ 154.42x −143.9


At the Smith, Inc. company, the number of employees needed to work per year is modeled by the function f(x).


Which statements are true about the number of employees?


The company started with 20 employees.

The third year is the first year in which the company will have more than 100 employees.

The rate of the number of employees per year increases for all values of x.

The maximum number of employees for the company is 500.

 Feb 15, 2018

B. y=−11.41x2+ 154.42x −143.9


Look at the graph  of the second function here :




The company starts with 25 employees.....so first statement is false

The second statement is true

The third statement is false......the  rate of increase is not constant

The last statement is also true......the exponential term in the denominator tends toward 0  as x increases.....so......the frastion becomes ≈  500/ 1   ≈  500



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 Feb 15, 2018

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