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Which statement MUST be true given that a is positive and b, c, and d are all positive integers, and a < 1 < b < c < d.


A) 1/a > b

B) b - d > c - d

C) c + 1/a < d + 1/a

D) a > 1/d

E) c < a

 Nov 6, 2019

c   <  d


Since  a  is positive, then  1/a  is also positive


Add  1/a  to  both sides


c + 1/a  <  d  + 1/a



cool cool cool

 Nov 6, 2019
edited by CPhill  Nov 6, 2019

Plug in numbers for a, b, c, and d and see which statement will always be true. If you add the same amount to two numbers one of which is smaller than the other they will maintain the same relationship. Therefore, c + 1/a  <  d  + 1/a is true.

macabresubwoofer  Nov 6, 2019

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