Which transformations have been performed on the graph of f(x)=x√3 to obtain the graph of g(x) =−2x√3−1?

Select each correct answer.


compress the graph closer to the x-axis

translate the graph to the left  

stretch the graph away from the x-axis

translate the graph to the right

translate the graph down

reflect the graph over the x-axis

translate the graph up

jbouyer  Mar 22, 2018

1+0 Answers


We can identify features of \(g(x)=-2x\sqrt{3}-1\) by looking at the function and interpreting the effects.


The "-1" translates the graph downward one unit.


The "2" stretches the graph away from the x-axis by a factor of 2.


The "-2" indicates that a reflection occurred over the y-axis (although this option is non-existent in the answer choices).

TheXSquaredFactor  Mar 22, 2018

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