Whispering halls are buildings that are elliptically shaped. Observers who stand at the foci of the ellipse can hear each other whispering across the room. One whispering hall is an ellipse which is 52 feet wide and 94 feet tall. 

A) What standard form equation of the ellipse describes the building? Show all of your work to get your answer. 

B) If Jackie and Manuel are standing at the foci and can hear each other across the room, how far apart are they standing? Show all of your work and round your answer to the nearest tenth of a foot. 

 Jan 24, 2023

First I went online to find all the formulas that I need


You can make h=0  and k =0  so it is centred at the origin,  I'll use the blue one

a=94 and b=52


Plug those numbers in and you will have your formula.

Plug them into the c formula and you will have c

You should be able to finish it but you can ask questions if you want.




 Jan 24, 2023

Hi Lina,

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 Jan 25, 2023

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