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Someone has been going around the front page and giving everything a thumbs down for the first 100 questions, maybe more (I haven't checked the other pages yet.). Just a friendly reminder that a thumbs down should be used only if the question has something that shouldn't be on here. I'm not innocent of that, but I made sure that I changed my reviews on those to be neutral or a thumbs up, and I don't want anyone to do what I did. Just so you know.

 Nov 29, 2017

Yeah, I noticed the same thing. The strange thing was, there was like 5 questions in a row posted from the same person. And that person never got any thumbs down... maybe that person wanted people to answer his or her answer first?

(Don't remember the user)

This happened last week. It happened this week too? Wonder if it's the same person. 

 Nov 30, 2017

It makes me mad, but I can't make them look bad because I've done it too. I think it was a few months ago, but I changed it.

 Nov 30, 2017

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