Why is this graph misleading?



A. The sum of the percents for the candidates does not equal 100%.

B. The vertical axis does not begin at 0%.

C. The vertical axis does not end at 100%.




On the basis of this graph, which statement is true?



A. The greatest increase between two consecutive months occurred between March and April.

B. For the time period shown, the median sales price was never below $215,000.

C. The median sales prices in January and June are about the same.

 Aug 18, 2020

First one        the graph is misleading because the bottom of the graph does not start at 0.....this makes the differences look much more striking


second one      greatest increase was may to june ....see how much it goes UP

                         lowest median sales price WAS below 215 000  in Sept and Oct

                         C  the median prices in Jan and June WERE the same @ 240 000

 Aug 18, 2020

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