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Brad mixes seeds to attract birds. His Blue mix is 55% sunflower and 45% bluegrass. His Rye mix
is 30% sunflower and 70% ryegrass. His Master mix combines some of each of the Blue and Rye mixes.
If Master mix is 45% sunflower, how much of each kg of Master mix is Blue mix?


A) 350g   B) 400g   C) 600g   D) 650g

 Mar 5, 2021

We can say $b\%$ of the master mix is Blue mix, and $r\%$ of the mastermix is Rye mix, so we have





we can multiply both sides of the second equation by 20 so that we are dealing with whole numbers instead of fractions, so we have:




We can multiply both sides of the first equation by 6, so that we can eliminate the r:






so, out of each kg of mastermix or every 1000 grams of mastermix, there are $1000\cdot\frac{60}{100}=\boxed{600g}$ or $\boxed{C}$

 Mar 5, 2021

I dont get it..

 Mar 5, 2021

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